Visual Health Check

We think there’s continuously more we are able do for you. So once you bring your Toyota in to us for whatever reason, we’ll carry out a free visual inspection for you. This makes sure there’s nothing that needs consideration presently or within the close future. And on the off chance that there's , we’ll illuminate you straight away. As portion of this commitment to you, some time recently we carry out any work at your ask the Service Advisor at the Toyota Authorised Repairer will perform a free review of your car’s condition – the Visual Safety Report – in arrange to guarantee your security, which your Toyota performs at the level you expect. Once this assessment is total, you may be given with a composed report and clarification that covers your car’s condition within the taking after areas:

Condition and fit of floor mats - An review to guarantee the mats are not interfere with the operation of your car’s pedals.

  • Condition of the windscreen - Counsel on any scratches or chips that got to be checked or repaired.
  • Condition of wiper edges and instrument - Assessment to guarantee no juddering, bouncing or streaking over the screen.
  • Condition of tires - Inspection of each tire tread to guarantee you get the proper hold and braking separate on the road.
  • Condition of bodywork - Review to prompt you of any scratches.
  • Condition of all lights - All lights will be assessed to guarantee they are in great working order.

This completed report will detail your car’s condition with full clarification of the highlighted ranges together with a rundown of how much work is required and the taken a toll and timings included.


When your vehicle is in one of our workshops for benefit, repair or MOT, we'll send you a complimentary video clarifying the visual condition of your vehicle and in the event that any encourage work must be carried out. We accept being able to see on the off chance that work must be carried out (on the off chance that any) will donate you superior peace of mind and assist you make a more educated choice. On getting this video, a report within the shape of a 'traffic light' framework will too be included:
  • Green - your vehicle has clean charge of well being and no assist work ought to be carried out
  • Amber - this will appear admonitory things that do not fundamentally require going to to, but it's fair convenient to keep them in intellect maybe for following time.
  • Red - critical consideration is required. The specialist may have recognized something needs quick work or may well be illicit.