The new Toyota PROACE rungivestalldetail without compromising on consolationAccessible in a choice of two grades and three body sorts with unusedinventivedetails. PROACE Van’s solidunused frontal plan clearly marks it out as a part of the modern Toyota family. It'll be accessible in a choice of three body sizes: Compact, Medium and Long.

The Compact will be the shortest modelwithin the MDV fragment – shorter indeed than a few CDV models – measuring 4.6m long with a 2.9m wheelbase and a cargo narrows measuring 2.1m long by 1.6m wide, giving a stack volume of 4.6m3. Its 11.3-metre turning circle makes it exceedinglyflexibility for utilize in built-up areas.

The Medium version is 4.9m long and features a 3.2m wheelbase. When the Smart Cargo framework is fitted, in generalstack length expands to 3.7m and stack capacity rises from 5.3 to 5.8m3. The medium-length PROACE Van is accessible in boardcrew cab, combi and stage cab versions

The Long form of PROACE Van has the same 3.2m wheelbase, but with an amplifiedraise overhang that takes in general vehicle length to 5.3m. Boardcrew cab and nine-set Combi forms are advertised. The cargo range measures 2.8m long and 1.6m wide, giving a stack volume of 6.1m3. Here the Shrewd Cargo framework takes most extremestack length to 4m, expandingstack capacity to 6.6m3.

New Toyota Proace Exterior, Grey


With each vehicle length, PROACE Van benefits from left and right side sliding entryways and side-hinged raise twofold entryways that open to 180 degrees. The vehicle width and stature are standard at 2.2m and 1.9m separately. Most extreme payload is up to 1,400kg and the braked trailer towing capacity is up to 2,500kg. On the Medium and Long adaptations the entryway gap is wide sufficient for Euro beds to be loaded. The cabin is vigorous, utilitarian and roomy, outlined to meet the requirements of both commercial and private proprietors. The dashboard highlights clear instrumented and simple dials with ergonomic switchgear. The driving position manages great perceivability and is car-like in its position, with a short-throw adapt lever mounted near to the controlling wheel.


The Base van determinationgives central inaccessible locking with haltsjourney control with speed limiter, texturesituate upholstery, driver and front traveler airbags, control windows and entryway mirrors, soundframework with radio, Touch, USB port and Bluetooth and a tyreweight monitor.​

Comfort review includes more modern cabin acoustic medications, driver’s situate height alteration, combination cloth and vinyl upholstery, air conditioning, cooled and enlightened glovebox, extra 12V control outlets within the glovebox and cargo zone, the Smart Cargo framework. Body colour-matched bumpers and entryway mirrors, front haze lights, full wheel covers and a dashboard data display.​​


PROACE Van’s solidmodern frontal plan clearly marks it out as a part of the modern Toyota family. It'll be accessible in a choice of three body sizes: Compact, Medium and Long. 

The Compact will be the shortest demonstrate within the MDV section – shorter indeed than a few CDV models – measuring 4.6m long with a 2.9m wheelbase. Its 11.3-metre turning circle makes it profoundly flexibility for utilize in built-up areas. 

PROACE Van Compact is accessible as board van with three front seats and a cargo inlet measuring 2.1m long by 1.6m wide, giving a stack volume of 4.6m3.

New Toyota Proace Interior
New Toyota Proace Interior, Touch Screen
New Toyota Proace Interior, Storage


The modern PROACE Van is accessible with 1.6 and 2.0-litre diesel motors with a run of controlyields and choice of distinctive transmissions. The show is focusing on best-in-class CO2 outflows for a medium obligation van, backed by the utilize of halt and begininnovationincludedwithin the 115bhp 1.6 unit.

A 95bhp (70kW) form of the 1.6 unit can be coordinated to either a five-speed manual gearbox (with 210Nm of torque), or a six-speed manual transmission (240Nm of torque). The previousproduces CO2 outflows of between 144 and 148g/km with combined cycle fuel economy of between 51.4 and 50.4mpg. The last mentioned, profiting from Stop and Start, produces 135 to 139g/km and accomplishes between 55.4 and 54.3mpg.

The 120bhp 2.0-litre turbodiesel is suggested for vans carrying higher payloads, much appreciated to its higher torque – 340Nm of torque.

All powertrains meet Euro 6 emissionsguidelines and are prepared with specific catalytic decrease to decrease the sum of NOx discharged into the environment. A 22.5-litre tank of AdBlue guarantees the framework will work to its ideal capability for 15,000km (almost 9,300 miles). The tank is simple to refill, by means of a filler channel on the B-pillar, open when the driver’s entryway is open.

New Toyota Proace Exterior, silver & Grey vans