Prius+ is a car that stands out: a dynamic look combined with countless possibilities. Prius+ has been purposely engineered to harmonise all aspects of aerodynamics, space and design. While Prius+ inherits and evolves from the styling of Prius, it also boasts a unique rear design to accommodate a large luggage space and a contoured roof with a spoiler. Prius+ is big on space, yet sports a silhouette that is both eye-catching and streamlined for optimum fuel efficiency.

Toyota has introduced changes to Prius+ that take the quality of the driving experience to a higher level. The ground-breaking C-segment MPV – the world’s first to provide seven seats with full hybrid power – has undergone strategic revisions to its continuously variable transmission that secure quieter and more linear acceleration, more closely linking the driver’s use of the throttle to the increase in speed and the rise in the engine note.Toyota’s engineers have been able to maintain acceleration performance while reducing engine revs by around 1,000rpm, by using more electric power to support the performance of the 1.8-litre VVT-i Atkinson cycle petrol engine. The result is a more relaxed, smoother and quieter drive, reinforcing the hallmark quiet, responsive and intuitive drive quality of Toyota’s full hybrid technology.

The characteristically quiet cabin environment has been further improved through a series of additional sound insulation and absorption measures introduced in the door frames, the lower sections of the side and rear doors, the dashboard and the vehicle platform. A tunnel silencer has also been added.

Discover the Toyota Prius+ below and find out about the offers available, then arrange a test drive in Bournemouth or Salisbury at our Toyota dealerships.

New Toyota Prius+ side view
New Toyota Prius+ rear view
New Toyota Prius+ side view
New Toyota Prius+ interior
New Toyota Prius+ interior
New Toyota Prius+ side view


The new Toyota Prius+ keeps on the stylings of it's smaller counterpart, the Prius but has adapted in order to create more interior space. 

Keeping the signature Toyota front, the body remains sleek even with a larger boot.


From two seats to seven; the Prius+ can adapt to your space.

Whether it’s an unexpected lift for a friend or buying furniture, Prius+ provides multiple combinations of seating positions and loading possibilities. From seven people on board to a total load capacity of 1731 litres. Choose from the traditional fabric interior material or for a more premium feel choose leather with our Excel grade.

New Toyota Prius+ rear seats
New Toyota Prius+ rear seats down
New Toyota Prius+ boot open


Your daily drive can be demanding, but the advanced features of Prius+ will make your journeys easier. Driving can be demanding: busy morning traffic, navigating your route, keeping your children happy – all at the same time. Prius+ makes that challenge easier.

An Heads Up Display projects speed information directly onto the windscreen, thereby allowing the driver to keep their eyes on the road at all times.

Toyota Touch® 2 with Go adds enhanced full-map navigation and classleading connected services. Intuitive navigation provides clear visual display of signposts, junctions and lane guidance as well as speed limit and speed camera warning.

Intelligent Parking Assist (IPA) Using a rear-mounted camera and Electric Power Steering (EPS), IPA calculates the steering movements required to park. Simply define the limits of the space in which you want to park and then control the reversing speed.


Driving is an integral part of our busy daily lives: What if there was a car that made every journey easier and more enjoyable? Where will you drive today: to the school, the office and then home through the rush hour? Another busy day on inevitably congested roads. Now imagine the smooth, silent experience of hybrid drive, and the positive effect it has on those inside the car, leaving everyone feeling relaxed. That might just make you fall in love with driving again.

With figures of Up to 68.9mpg Fuel Consumption, CO2 96 g/km, power 136 DIN hp were sure you'll be impressed.