SKODA Complimentary Vehicle Healthcheck

Complimentary Vehicle Health Check at Westover ŠKODA

Why not take advantage of the chance to have a complimentary health check for your car? It's a great way of checking that your vehicle remains in tip-top condition and ensuring that it continues to run as efficiently as possible.

You can bring your car to us between it's normal scheduled service appointments, prior to an MOT or before you head off on a long road trip. If you are planning an overseas journey, it can be particularly reassuring to set out knowing that your vehicle is in peak condition.

Our team of expert and experienced ŠKODA technicians will check the condition of key areas of your car, including carrying out a visual inspection of clutch and transmission operation, air conditioning, oil and coolant levels, battery and brakes. To find out more, please see the list below.

At the end of the health check, you'll receive a report detailing which elements are in good condition, which need urgent attention and which need monitoring.

You, meanwhile, can enjoy a tea or coffee and the daily newspapers in our comfortable showrooms while you wait!

To find out more, or to book your car in for a Complimentary Vehicle Health Check, just contact our service teams at Westover ŠKODA in Bournemouth or Old Sarum, Salisbury.

What the Westover ŠKODA Health Check Covers:

  • Tyre Tread
  • Tyre Pressure
  • Clutch Operation
  • Engine Noise/ Smoke
  • Transmission Operation
  • Mirror/ Door Locks
  • Alternator Belt/ Battery Condition
  • Washers/ Wipers
  • Engine Oil/ Anti-Freeze Levels
  • Water/ Oil/ Fluid/ Leaks
  • Bearing/ Hubs
  • Fluid Levels
  • Exhaust System/ Catalyst
  • Steering/ Suspension
  • Driveshaft's
  • Callipers/ Wheel Cylinders
  • Mandatory Lights
  • Horn Functionality
  • Master Cylinder /Servo
  • Hoses/ Pipes/ Cables

During your complimentary Vehicle Health Check your car's components will be rated Red, Amber or Green, depending on the condition of the part. A green tick indicates the item doesn't need any immediate attention; amber that it will require inspection or replacement by the estimated time indicated; and red that it requires immediate attention.

Contact Westover ŠKODA for more information.