Pop to Westover ŜKODA for a Free Pothole Safety Check

Winter’s fading and hopefully the dangers presented by the hidden potholes that riddle our roads are too. Whilst the potholes won’t disappear any time soon, the promise of drier, lighter days will give drivers a better chance of seeing – and avoiding - the potholes which have been lurking in puddles or camouflaged amongst leaves and mud at the edge of our roads.

Now that the risks are fading and in a bid to keep the region's drivers safe, Westover ŜKODA is offering a complimentary pothole inspection to check for damage caused to cars during the darker months. Anyone interested – whatever the make and model of their vehicle – can simply book an appointment by contacting the showrooms on Wallisdown Road in Poole or at Old Sarum in Salisbury.

“Potholes are an annoyance but they also cause untold damage to our cars,” says Dan Jenkins, Brand Manager for Westover ŜKODA. “We’re seeing more and more cars come in following a clash with a pothole – sometimes it’s just a flat or shredded tyre but sometimes the issues are much more serious.

“As well as the common wheel and tyre problems that we all know about, the impact from hitting a large pothole at speed can also cause axle and suspension damage. The jolt can misalign the shock absorption system, meaning the car’s steering is compromised and the ride is less smooth than usual. It doesn’t have to be one impact that causes the damage though, it can just be a build up over time that finally takes its toll on a vehicle’s safety and performance.”

Every year around half a million vehicle insurance claims are filed due to pothole issues. Damage to car tyres - caused as a result of misshaping or rupturing the tyre – is usually obvious but scratches, dents and leaks are also common, as are weakened steering components, damaged shock absorbers and wheel alignment issues

To find out more about Westover ŜKODA’s free pothole and wheel alignment check, please contact the showroom servicing teams.

Skoda driving near a pothole