"Are We There Yet?" British Parents to Spend £140 Million this Summer to Stave Off the Age-Old Question

- £42 per family trip spent on keeping the kids quiet

- Boredom is the biggest cause of misbehaviour with kids demanding entertainment in under 30 minutes

- ŠKODA releases free Road Trip Bingo game to ensure happier family journeys during the school holidays

With the school break well under way, a whopping 5.3 million parents will be packing the car for trips across the UK. And, as the majority of British parents know all too well, car journeys are not all plain sailing.

New research by ŠKODA shows that almost a third of parents (32%) are dreading long car journeys, and as a result will spend £42 per journey to keep children occupied; roughly equivalent to a tank of petrol per trip.

Despite advance purchases of food, drink and in-car entertainment by 9 in 10 parents, the age-old question, ‘Are we there yet?’, will be heard over 3 million times from the back seats of cars this summer. Consequently, families will spend a collective £140 million to stave off the dreaded question.

British parents will also hear cries of ‘I need the toilet’ over 2 million times and ‘I feel sick’ 1.6 million times.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Traditional family games passed down through the generations are just as effective as the latest gadgets.

I-Spy is the most favoured in-car game for half of parents (52%), followed by Hangman (19%) and the licence plate game (16%) for harmonious family journeys. However, when all else fails, getting the kids to fall asleep is the best tactic for peace and quiet.

ŠKODA’s Simply Clever features offer a whole host of ideas to make journeys easier; from the iPad holder to the rear seat DVD system and even a hot and cold box for much needed trip sustenance.

Good old traditional car games don’t cost the earth and continue to be favoured by all generations, ŠKODA has devised a new Road Trip Bingo game to make parents lives that little bit easier this summer.

Three children in the back of a Skoda car

ŠKODA’s new Road Trip Bingo brings to life illustrations of modern family motoring; from the man with the hipster beard to the kid on the hoverboard, it’s sure to get a few laughs (and hopefully cause no arguments) on long journeys this summer.

The game can be downloaded via: www.skoda.co.uk/bingogame.