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New Renault ZOE in Salisbury & Poole

The electric revolution is taking hold across Poole and Salisbury, as the fully electric Renault ZOE grows in popularity by the day. The Renault ZOE uses the most advanced electric technology, offering a fully practical and surprisingly cost-efficient 100 percent electric vehicle. Featuring a space-inspired new look, the future really has arrived in the ZOE with its recognisable Renault badge taking centre-stage in the smooth front end, before sweeping curves continue the body shape back towards the tail.

Contact us at Westover in Poole or Salisbury to find out more about this forward-thinking model. We have a range of special offers available to help make your purchase even easier.

New Renault ZOE charging

How can I buy my electric model?

Battery life is one of the main concerns of many first-time electric vehicle owners. At Westover Renault, we are so confident in the reliability of our ZOE batteries that you can opt to buy the vehicle, but lease your battery. This gives you the reassurance that your battery will remain powerful, and if it does lose performance we will change it for you. You can also opt to lease the vehicle and the battery together for optimum peace of mind, and we will design a lease agreement based on your individual usage of the car.


Whilst the Renault Zoe is quiet it is not boring but with its simple design and 0 CO2 emissions is a great little car. The interior has been designed with comfort in mind and making the journey a more enjoyable experience.

New Renault ZOE rear view


Equipped with a Range Optimiser system which enhances battery life, the ZOE can deliver a range of up to 250 miles NDCE range, 186 miles in the summer and 124 miles in the winter. The car can supply up to 92hp and develop 220Nm of torque before reaching a maximum speed of 84mph, so you have all the power you need on every journey.

The ZOE's high-tech credentials also extend past the drivetrain to the cabin. Available with the R-link centre console, the ZOE features TomTom sat nav, multimedia supported by Arkamys 3D Sound and USB and Bluetooth® connectivity to keep you connected on the road. In addition, the R-link offers hands-free communication and a link to the R-link application store for downloadable additions to your ZOE system.


The ZOE offers a wealth of benefits to any driver:

  • Save yourself money whilst looking after the environment.
  • A great value purchase price similar to diesel equivalents.
  • Zero emissions – be at the forefront of this exciting new era in motoring.
  • Odourless and silent, the ZOE is comfortable and convenient for you and those around you

Recharging is simple – just plug in. The ZOE offers three options for recharging: standard mode, fast charge mode and a 220V cable. Standard mode will connect to all public and home recharging points, and fully recharge the battery in six to eight hours. This means that you can simply recharge overnight, without ever having to stop at a recharging station. Fast charge supplies 80 percent of a full charge in just half an hour, and is available at selected points. If no charging points of any kind are available, simply plug in to a standard domestic power socket for an extra boost.

New Renault ZOE side view