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New Renault Twizy in Salisbury & Poole

Have you ever wondered what the future will look like? You need wonder no longer, because it's already here in the shape of the bold new Renault Twizy. Ideal for city living, the Twizy offers safety and comfort, twin seats and practical design, as well as a fully-electric drivetrain.

Visit us at Westover Group in Poole or Salisburyto experience the Renault Twizy for yourself. We also have a range of exclusive offersdesigned to make your purchase even more convenient.

New Renault Twizy Exterior, White


Guided by a revolutionary new way of driving, the Twizy is composed of a whole new design language that prioritises functionality. Vertical opening scissor doors are built with tight city parking in mind, while the clear skyroof in the Twizy offers stunning new views of the world, and opens up the city to you. This striking design gives the Twizy unrivalled road presence and will certainly turn heads.


The Twizy has room for 2 people to roam around the city with 0 emissions and a fun drive around. The Twizy was designed with fun in mind and it gives you complete freedom around the city.


New Renault Twizy Exterior, Lineup

With the ability to charge from any electrical outlet, the Twizy integrates with existing infrastructure and fits around your busy life seamlessly. It also allows you plenty of charge for your daily trips without the need to recharge. When plugged in, you only need three and a half hours of charge to propel you for 62 miles, which will be plenty of distance to cope with your everyday needs. Your remaining battery life information is accurately displayed on the dashboard for easy reference so you can enjoy every journey with ease. The Twizy is as high-tech inside as its exterior suggests. Boasting an optional hands-free Bluetooth® kit and LCD screen, the Twizy lets you take your world with you, wherever you go. Stay in touch on the move, listen to your music and browse directories.


With the smallest turning circle of any four-wheel vehicle on the market, the Twizy can turn on a penny. What’s more, it is based on a Renaultsport-developed tubular frame to protect you and your passenger, whilst four disc brakes ensure active safety.

New Renault Twizy Exterior