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Renault Twingo Offers

Westover Renault, Poole & Salisbury

The brief. ‘‘Design a car that grins and makes you're feeling upbeat, with a cheerful, neighborly confront that brings back memories.”

Back to the roots. A squeeze of R5 Turbo, a imply of First Era Twingo, a touch of the Renault DNA. The Renault Twingo takes after its forerunners and is the stuff of dreams. It could be a car of its time: current, savvy, measured and connected.

Like the Renault family. Drawing on the marque’s enthusiastic and donning legacy, the architects re-interpreted chosen famous Renault highlights. The tailgate point, etched sides, little circular lights and rectangular headlights are all insights to past Renault cars.

Within the city, life moves quick and things can alter rapidly, so a really great city car is one that's viable and flexible as well as little and agile. Whether you have got passengers getting within the back, got to stop in a tight space or indeed got to carry some flat pack furniture, Renault Twingo is in its element. Space, capacity and mobility. Putting the motor within the raise is something you ordinarily relate with two-seater sports cars, not down to earth city superminis! Be that as it may, doing this has given Renault Twingo highlights that make it stand out.