Renault Frequently Asked Questions

Are Renault cars Reliable?

With every new Renault they give a 3 year warranty with unlimited mileage in the first 24 months then a total mileage of 60,000 miles on the third year. This can also be extended for an extra 12 months if you need a fourth year. This means if anything does go wrong with the vehicle which is covered under warranty it can be fixed free of charge.

How do you check the Renault Service History?

You can call Westover Renault in Poole or Salisbury and speak to our service advisors who will be able to tell you the cars service history with the VIN number which is located in the car's door frame or in the engine compartment.

What does a Renault car service include?

There are two types of service which might be required on your Renault:

A Service - due at year 1, 3, 5 onwards: A pollen filter change and comprehensive vehicle checks

B Service - due at year 2, 4, 6 onwards: Oil change, oil filter and comprehensive vehicle checks

If you need anything else on top of this please speak to our service advisors.

More information can be found here

How do I book a Renault Service?

You can book your service online, alternatively call Westover Renault Poole or Salisbury to speak to our service advisors today.

Where are Renault Cars made?

Renault cars are made in France and Renault’s headquarters are in Boulogne-Billancourt, near Paris. The company produces a range of cars and vans, and in the past has manufactured trucks, tractors, and buses/coaches all made in France.

If there is anything else you would like answered please call our Renault Dealerships in Poole or Salisbury.