Renault Motability adaptations in Salisbury and Poole

If you are a Motability customer, you can tailor your new Renault car to your individual needs with a wide choice of adaptations. Whether you need space to carry a wheelchair or hand controls to help you operate the car yourself, our Motability experts can help you specify your modifications. Once you have established which adaptations you need, we can help you choose a car which is most suitable for the changes required.

To make it easier and more comfortable for you to drive your own car, we can fit driving adaptations such as hand controls and pedal modifications. Many people who are unable to operate a standard car are enabled to drive by this type of adaptation.

Various modifications are available to help you get in and out of the car. We can adapt the seats to swivel, or attach a transfer plate to provide a smooth surface between your wheelchair and the car seat. Stowage adaptations can also make it easy to load and unload your wheelchair, with electronic hoist systems and extra capacity from features such as roof boxes.

These adaptations can also be fitted to an existing Motability vehicle, if your needs change partway through your lease. To find out more, please enquire with the Motability specialists at our dealerships in Salisbury and Poole.

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