The Nissan Cabstar has a vast array of redeeming qualities that have made it the favourite truck for all types of businesses, from sole traders to large companies. Equipped for maximum efficiency, it delivers valuable on-the-job benefits, low cost of ownership, improved load space and compact overall dimensions giving the Nissan Cabstar exceptional manoeuvrability.

Nissan Cabstar Interior


The Cabstar's varied range means that there's a version to suit you and your requirements. Whatever your haulage needs there are three wheel bases 2.5m, 2.9m and 3.4m and three different power outputs available. The chassis design offers so many different conversion possibilities making the Cabstar one of the most versatile commercial vehicles on the market.


The interior boasts an assortment of revisions including a larger front screen for better visibility and improved interior storage space which, overall creates a far more relaxing environment to travel in. With all the navigation and connectivity at your fingertips, you won't be wasting any time. An adjustable steering wheel allows for a customisable driving position.


Just because it's a vehicle for the workplace doesn't mean it can't have all of the technology that you'd expect from a 5 seat family car. The on board computer keeps you informed checking oil quality and indicates servicing requirements. Full Bluetooth handfree functionality is available with in-built radio/CD player. Keyless entry allows the cab doors to be locked and unlocked by remote control, heated, power adjustable mirrors are standard on PRO and PRO+ grades of Cabstar.


The Cabstar is equipped to handle any situation with multiple chassis options, wheelbases and extras available. The Cabstar is a more cost-effective and dependable proposition and features class leading load capacity compared to Euro 5 engines. The 3.0 Diesel engine is cleaner and more efficient than ever which means running costs can be kept to a minimum.With up to 8% better fuel efficiency and emissions thanks to the new Euro 6 engine there will be less downtime allowing maximum time on the job.

Nissan Cabstar Front