Top 10 used cars under £10,000

If you have a budget of £10,000 to spend on a used car, you’ve got a little more flexibility and choice available. But you’ll still be looking for great value on a model that suits your personality, lifestyle and needs. To help you make the right choice, here’s a quick summary of our top 10 used cars under £10,000.

1. Toyota Aygo

This fantastic little city car has style and character in abundance. It also has fuel efficiency and impressive technology on its side, making it a smart choice for urban motorists.

Toyota AYGO x-trend

2. Toyota Yaris

Like the Aygo, the Yaris offers great fuel efficiency with hybrid options available for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint. It’s a high quality, fun, memorable small car. 

3. Fiat 500

The retro charm of the Fiat 500 design is matched by smart engines and the latest infotainment systems.

4. Dacia Sandero

This small car is super efficient, super adaptable and super simple. A reliable and sturdy choice to get you from A to B. 

5. Hyundai i10

The i10 is everything you need in a city car. Low running costs, compact dimensions and nippy performance, all in one neat package. 

6. Nissan Juke

The Juke stands out in a crowd and offers space, comfort and technology in abundance. One for those wanting to make a statement.

7. Fiat Panda

The Panda has all the Italian style and design that is synonymous with Fiat. But it’s also really practical and compact - perfect for zipping through towns and parking in small spots. 

8. Skoda Fabia

With new styling and new safety equipment, the Fabia’s looks are matching up to its reliability. It’s a super choice for a smaller car. 

Skoda Kodiaq VRS Exterior in Blue

9.Renault Clio

A firm favourite with our customers, the variety of trims and engines make this car one for people who like options. Plus it’s more efficient than ever. 

10. Renault Captur

Distinctive looks and a range of economical engines make the Captur appealing. It has some of the lowest CO2 emissions in its class and a modest price tag.

Renault Captur

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