The Final Countdown Begins – Scrappage Deals End on Saturday 31st March

Westover is urging anyone thinking of buying a new car to put their foot down if they wish to take advantage of scrappage schemes.

The car manufacturer scrappage schemes – which can bring discounts of up to £5,000 on a brand new Westover vehicle – will all finish on Saturday 31st March, marking the end of an initiative designed to remove older, more polluting vehicles from our roads.

“This has been a great scheme for customers, bringing a real opportunity to make significant cash savings,” says Mat Carrington, Operational Director for sales at Westover Group. “We’ve seen so many people benefit from it, buying themselves a higher spec car than they may otherwise have been able to afford.

“It’s also been an incentive for some of our customers to try something new. Opt for the Nissan LEAF, for example, and you’ll be offered the market-value trade-in price on your old car, plus a £2,000 cash injection.

“There’s still time to take advantage of the savings but we would encourage anyone interested to visit us in the next few days to make sure we can register their new car in time. Anyone that’s unsure whether their existing vehicle qualifies for scrappage is more than welcome to phone or pop in to find out more. Just remember, the deadline is looming!”

Seven of Westover’s brands have scrappage offers in place until the end of the month, including Dacia, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, Renault, SKODA and Toyota.

Scrappage cars piled on top of each other

Terms and conditions vary slightly for each manufacturer scheme but the majority require that the car traded in is more than seven years old (and therefore has an older style, more polluting engine).

Larger cars bring bigger discounts (like the £4,000 saving available on a Toyota Land Cruiser or SKODA Superb) but there are still phenomenal savings to be had on fuel efficient city cars, like the Kia Picanto which benefits from a £2,000 discount, and the Hyundai i10 which comes with a £1,500 reduction thanks to Hyundai’s scrappage scheme.

For further information about scrappage deals and showroom locations, please browse the website.