Westover Lotus Service and Maintenance

With the mass of information now available on the Internet, it can become confusing as to what sources are correct and reliable. Below is listed a clear and concise break down of what to expect and what is required from each service.

K Series Engine Elise: The different stages of the Westover Lotus service is recognised by the following letters, 'A', 'B' and 'C'. It is required that the mentioned services are carried out either every 9,000 miles or alternatively annually/ The order in which these lettered services are carried out was initially in the following order: A, A, B, A, A, C. However, in 2004 it was required that the timing belt was to become part of the C service, but now on Lotus' recommendation your timing belt needs to be replaced every four years, rather than waiting to reach the number of miles - this replacement is not optional unless you are happy to pay a rather pricey engine repair bill.

The 'A' Service: At Westover Lotus the 'A' service includes a wide range of inspections and replacement. Starting with the replacement of the oil filer and sump plug washer whilst changing the oil. As for the rest of the 3 hours of labour, the engine and transmission are thoroughly checked for any oil leaks, the auxiliary belt and ignition system are check to ensure they are in top condition, as well as the coolant level and system being checked for leaks. Our Westover Lotus team will also connect the Lotus scanner tool to the ECU which will then check to see if there are any fault codes. To ensure your safety, the vehicle brakes are inspected to make sure the disc and pad thickness are safe, additionally the brake fluid level and all hoses and pipes are thoroughly checked. In addition to that, the steering and suspension are closely looked at, this includes the toe link ball joints, dampers, wheel bearings driveshafts and finally the ball joints. The final three inspections include the pressure and condition of the tyres. lights and electrical equipment are tested, and last but not least the screen wash is topped up and checked simultaneously.

The 'B' Service: Now, the Westover Lotus 'B' service includes all of the inspections and checks that have been outlined in the previous section, the difference between the 'A' and the 'B' service is that the 'B' requires an extra time allowance of half an hour, this is due to the need to check the air filter and the spark plugs which are replaced and the timing belt condition inspected.

The 'C' Service: The 'C' service includes everything mentioned in the previous two services and requires extra labour time of three and a half hours. This is utilised to replace the timing belt, the renewal and replacement of the transmission oil and fuel filter. The brake fluid should be replaced every two years, whilst the coolant and the timing belt should be replaced every four years. The aforementioned replacement requirements are added on top of the inspections included in the 'A', 'B' and 'C' services.

Toyota engine Elise and Exige: When the Toyota engine entered the Lotus range, the A, B & C service intervals were dropped in favour of a simple annual service regime with additional items required at mileage / time intervals. The Toyota engines run on a timing chain instead of a belt.

The Annual Service: The annual service includes replacing the engine oil with a fully synthetic high quality engine oil as recommended by Lotus Cars. The oil filter and sump plug washer are also replaced as part of the oil change. The rest of the 3 hours are spent inspecting the rest of the Lotus just as we would on a K series engine Elise.

The 2 year / 18,000 mile intervals the brake fluid must be replaced and the auxiliary drive belt must be replaced on supercharged Elise

The 3 year / 27,000 mile intervals the air filter should be replaced and the transmission oil should be checked

The 4 year / 36,000 mile intervals the engine coolant should be renewed and on the new supercharged Elise the charge cooler coolant must be renewed. All supercharged cars should have the spark plugs replaced as well.

The 6 year / 54,000 mile intervals the transmission oil should be renewed.