Buy a Lotus and you buy a slice of British sporting heritage that's just one of the exciting things about owning an Elise, Exige or Evora. They're great cars for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd and, with so many opportunities to personalise them, Lotus owners have the chance to take to the roads in something that's truly unique.

We see many Lotus sports cars over the course of a year but one that really caught our eye was the stunning Lotus Elise 220 Supercharge Touring, owned by Simon Miller. The car left the factory in early 2010, in what - in my opinion - is one of the best colour combinations: black on black. Inside it had a full Alacantra Grey interior with red stitching and highlights. But it's not just the unique paintwork or the stunning interior that sets this car aside from the rest - it's the tasteful upgrades that Simon has installed over the three years he's owned the car.
Lotus Elise front view
From the turn of the key in the ignition, the first change made itself known. The car is supporting a full Larini exhaust system and I mean a full system! It's stainless steel from the manifold all the way down to the slash cut tips. We fitted this for Simon (he supplied the exhaust wrap) and it still looks amazing, even after all this time.

Not long after the Larini system went in, we fitted a TRD air box and filter to aid the engine's breathing. Driving the car with these upgrades really does increases the enjoyment of the car and it's pretty impressive to start off with! The sporty tone under acceleration and on downshifts brings a smile to your face.
Lotus Elise interior
Next on Simon's list was allowing the supercharged engine to rev more freely. So - after discussing the pros and cons with our technician, Jon - the car was booked in earlier this year to have a TRD lightened flywheel and uprated clutch assembly fitted. This was a straightforward job for Jon, who has many years of Lotus experience under his belt and is currently in his second season of running a racing team.

Talking about the upgrades, Simon explains: "I've made my racer even more unique. The end result is that she now revs faster from anywhere around the clock, especially from four thousand revs upwards, and she also feels like she has extra torque. The new heavier clutch brings a superior bite point - not too aggressive, so still driveable around town - but when you want performance she's ready to deliver. A welcome but unexpected by-product of the upgrade is that the exhaust seems to 'pop-bang' on the over-run a lot more which is awesome!" "She's a very exciting car to drive and Jon and Mark at Westover are doing a great job keeping her in tip-top condition."
Lotus Elise engine
This brings us up to date with Simon's car but I have a feeling it won't be the last addition. Perhaps I should finish by saying the story's to be continued!

If you are interested in making your car more personal and standing out from the crowd, contact Westover Sportscars for more information.

Mark Clements, Westover Sportscars Aftersales Advisor.

Mechanic working on a Lotus car