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Lotus Evija

Prepare yourself for the daring next addition to the Lotus family.

Designed for the drivers and setting the standard for the next generation of sports cars, the Lotus Evija is sculpted by daring innovation and radical design, taking the thrill of driving to an entirely new level. Only a small selection of details have been teased so far about the Evija the new sports car is set to be released in 2020 and being the first all-new car to be unveiled since the Lotus Evora, we can't wait until the full reveal!

The power behind this beautiful sports car and behind the future sports and super cars created by Lotus, will consist of the perfect combination of electrified and internal combustion powertrains. The power this will generate will be unprecedented for a Lotus road car, the motors are predicted to generate over 1000bhp which will be powered by a mid-mounted battery. The range on the Evija is expected to be approximately 250 miles.

Game changing and ground breaking...the journey begins with the Lotus Evija.