3 Eleven

Lotus 3 Eleven

Available from Westover Lotus, Poole

At the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed, Lotus announced the all new Lotus 3-Eleven. The fastest (and the most expensive) production car that Lotus has created! Designed to be completely compromised and to be purely focused for outstanding handling and blistering speeds. 2 variations of the Lotus 3-Eleven will be built; The Race version and The Road version.

Availability and Pricing:

The road version will start at £82,000 inc VAT and the race version will start at £115,200 inc VAT.

The race version comes with a more aggressive aerokit, highly tuned sequential gearbox and an FIA approved racing seat with harness.

New Lotus 3 Eleven Exterior

New Lotus 3 Eleven Exterior

Speed and Performance:

Speed is everything with this car, the Supercharged 3.5l V6 Engine produces 450bhp and because it weighs less than 900KG, it is very light!

0-60 is under 3.0 seconds and top speed is around the 180mph mark.

Aerodynamic downforce of up to 215 kg at 150 mph (240 km/h) - Race version and it lapped the Hethel Lotus track with a 1 minute 22 seconds time, which broke the record.

New Lotus 3 Eleven Interior

Styling and Design:

A very dramatic styled Lotus that is purely performance focused. The dramatically sculpted body perfectly balances the technical efficiency of a track car with the surface refinement of a road-going supercar. Two front splitter configurations are available, depending on whether the vehicle is configured for road or race use, and the front arches are wide enough to cover the car's wide track and the new 225/40 ZR18 tyres.

Manufactured from very light weight composite materials, optimizing vehicle weight, aerodynamic and structural requirements, the 3-Eleven’s composite body is 40% lighter than the GRP equivalent.

This new process is a first for a production car, and an example of Lotus’ focus on utilising pioneering new technology and lightweight materials in its vehicles. The choice of material technology has allowed extreme vehicle performance targets to be met, and help realise the 3-Eleven’s dynamic styling.

New Lotus 3 Eleven Interior

Lotus 3-Eleven At Westover Group:

We had the fantastic opportunity to have the Lotus 3-Eleven in our Lotus showroom in Poole for 1 day before the car was set to be released.

New Lotus 3 Eleven Exterior
New Lotus 3 Eleven Exterior