Supagard Paint & Fabric Protection


Supagard is the UK's advertise pioneer in professionally connected quality car care items and is affirmed by Lexus Poole. Their comprehensive extend incorporates Paint Assurance, Texture Security, Vinyl Assurance, Calfskin Care, Key Recuperation and Security Marking. The special equation permits a one-off application that does not require top-ups or month to month conservers. Once connected, it's there to remain for at slightest 3 years and that's our Guarantee. With Supagard Aftercare, you'll be able guarantee your Lexus is secured indeed advance. With a assortment of cleaning items on the advertise it makes sense to utilize aftercare items that have been connected to your vehicle as of now. The range has been planned to ensure merely have everything you wish to keep your vehicle in tip best condition. You'll clean your car as much as conceivable secure within the information that the items are consistent of with all the materials your car is made of.