Lexus Business Offers

Dorset & Wiltshire

Whatever your business needs, Lexus Poole will endeavor to find the right car for you and your business. Take a look at these competitive business offers from Lexus Poole. We can help you with all your business and fleet needs including information regarding benefit-in-kind, company car tax and CO2 emissions. Are tailored finance plans allow you to choose to best suite your company, we also have priority access to demonstrators and extended test drives.

With Lexus, extravagance isn’t an discretionary additional. Whereas other producers charge a premium for extra highlights, a fitted-as-standard Lexus may be more reasonable than you think. With no require for costly particulate channels and NOx lessening frameworks the cost-savings are noteworthy, whereas regenerative braking diminishes both brake and tyre wear.

From the compact extravagance of the CT 200h, through to exciting sports models and official saloons, up to the spearheading RX 450h SUV, Lexus Hybrid cars don’t fair convey an extraordinary and invigorating driving encounter. They moreover offer individual (Benefit-in-Kind) assess obligation reserve funds over a three-year period or 60,000 miles. And as you’d anticipate with our progressed Hybrid innovation, fuel productivity right over the extend is amazing.

As the pioneers of extravagance crossover innovation, we have sold more hybrids than all other premium producers around the world. Our full hybrid framework decreases CO2 and NOx gas emanations to one tenth of the 2014 Euro 6 diesel standard. The combined control of an electric engine and progressed petrol motor conveys smooth, calm and fuel-efficient execution to kill particulate emanations totally.

We accept it’s our duty to lead the industry’s reaction to natural maintainability. We don't belittle the errand ahead; it’s the single greatest challenge confronting our industry. Our reaction impacts not as it were our items but each perspective of our trade, and each individual in it. We call this our 360° approach to natural administration. Our aim is to realize zero emanations, with zero squander over each single portion of the Lexus commerce.