Land Rover Accident & SMART Repairs from Westover in Christchurch & Salisbury

Land Rover models are highly durable, but the demands of off-road driving (as well as the usual risk of accidents in more urban settings) can take their toll. In any situation where repairs are needed, Westover Land Rover is here to help. Each of our dealerships in Christchurch and Salisbury house a dedicated body repairs area where we fix damage to the manufacturer’s exacting standards of quality.

Land Rover accident repairs

Accidents are often a stressful time, but with the help of our team the aftermath can be made less trying. Our technicians are trained directly by Land Rover, and they fit genuine parts to uphold the quality and reliability your model had when it was brand new. Find out more about Land Rover accident repairs by clicking the link below .

Land Rover SMART repairs

Smaller faults on the body and interior trim can be reversed quickly and at a smaller cost through SMART repairs. Our expertise in small, medium area repair technology means repair work focuses only on the surface that is damaged, saving time and money. Read more about SMART repairs by clicking on the link below .

Your off-roader is in safe hands when you take it to Westover Land Rover in Dorset or Wiltshire. Call us today to book a visit or for answers to your questions.