Westover Land Rover Sponsors Race to Recovery at Bovington

Westover Land Rover was proud to sponsor Race2Recovery (R2R) when the professional off-road racing team came to Bovington Army Camp in Dorset for Round 5 of the British Cross Country Championship (BCC). Both a Land Rover Bowler – a rally-converted Defender – and a Freelander took to the track on the day.
It was a successful weekend, with the R2R team setting a joint fastest–in-class lap record in the ‘R2R Dynamic Metals Freelander’. Having maintained the lead slot for most of the weekend, Grant and veteran team mate, Yanto Evans, eventually finished third.
Race2Recovery provides opportunities for people who have experienced life-changing injuries - particularly servicemen and women - to participate in motorsport. The team is the first and only motorsport team with combat-injured members to have completed the Dakar Rally, the off-road endurance race held in South America.
Andy Grant, Westover Land Rover dealer principal, says: “We are one of just two Land Rover showrooms in the UK approved to sell discounted Land Rover vehicles to serving military personnel and reservists, so this was a great opportunity to show our continued support to the British military. Most – if not all - service people have spent time in an iconic Defender and many have come to love what Land Rover stands for, so we’re pleased to be able to offer reductions of up to 15 per cent on all Defender, Freelander, Discovery and Range Rover models. It’s a great offer with no strings attached, so we’re trying to spread the word!”
Grant White, Race2Recovery’s volunteer logistics manager, ex Royal Marine and right leg below knee amputee, reported that Bovington proved an excellent venue, thanks to fantastic facilities and a challenging course which included a mix of fast and technical sections, as well as slippery and rutted conditions.
He commented: “Our aim has always been to compete successfully at both national and international competitions and we’re doing that thanks to the determination and commitment of both our racing and the support functions. Our team members achieve the extraordinary because of their courage and endurance, as well as their ability to remain undaunted by injury and disability. Rallying is very challenging and we compete on the same basis as everyone else. There’s no special treatment or allowances.
“It’s only because of the support we receive from our sponsors that we are able to get so many ex-military people involved. We’re a great family – lots of people come to the events and help, some work as engineers or co-drivers but everyone finds their place. We’re all about providing opportunity but we also hope to inspire other people and make them realise that they can overcome adversity and achieve the seemingly unachievable.”
Close up of Land Rover license plate
Dirty Land Rover

The Race2Recovery Land Rover is very different from its ‘civilian’ original. The cabin has bucket seats, six-point harnesses, fire extinguishers and a roll cage. There’s a 2.2 litre turbo diesel engine and – proving just how hard the Defender is driven – the suspension bushes that would need changing once every 15 years on a standard model need switching once a season.

To find out more information about Race2Recovery, please go to race2recovery.com.

For details of military and reservist discounts, please contact Aaron at Westover Land Rover, Salisbury. Alternatively, visit the website at westovergroup.co.uk.