Free KIA Vehicle Health Check

at Westover Kia in Ferndown & Salisbury

Sticking to your Kia’s service schedule maximises its efficiency to minimise its running costs, and also identifies issues that can jeopardise your safety. A regular vehicle health check between this schedule inspects the components that can impact on these important areas. By choosing Westover Kia, the work won’t cost you a penny. 

We offer the health check at both our Salisbury and Ferndown dealerships. It is completed by Kia experts that have been trained by the manufacturer to understand its models inside and out. They inspect the parts listed below for wear and tear before grading them based on their condition and making a recommendation of whether a replacement is needed immediately or before a set date​.

What the Westover Kia Health Check Covers:

  • Driveshaft
  • Clutch
  • Alternator belt / battery condition
  • Exhaust system / catalyst
  • Transmission operation
  • Engine noise / emissions
  • Engine oil / anti-freeze levels
  • Water / oil / fluid / leaks
  • Fluid levels
  • Tyre tread
  • Tyre pressure
  • Callipers / wheel cylinders
  • Bearing / hubs
  • Steering / suspension
  • Hoses / pipes / cables
  • Master cylinder / servo
  • Mirror / door locks
  • Washers / wipers
  • Mandatory lights
  • Horn

During your complimentary Vehicle Health Check your cars various components will be rated Red, Amber orGreen depending on the condition of the part:

Green tick indicates the item doesn't need any immediate attention.

Amber symbol describes an item that will require an inspection or replacement by the estimated time indicated.

Red symbol means this item will require immediate attention.

We always strive to complete the health check quickly and can schedule you in for repairs when it is most convenient if more work is needed. To book, please enquire with us online or call the nearest Westover Kia dealership directly.

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