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KIA Soul

in Ferndown & Salisbury

The KIA Soul is the funky reinvention of SUV-meets-family-car, truly putting the soul back into fun and safe driving. Compact but roomy, stylish but safe, the KIA Soul combines utility with a passion for driving. Now for sale in Ferndown, Salisbury, Poole and Dorset, the new KIA Soul is yours for the taking.

New Kia Soul Exterior, Red


The KIA Soul’s sporty design and practical features combine to provide you with a fun and comfortable car to put the enjoyment back into day-to-day driving. The variety of colours and designs in our Soul Collection allow you to drive the KIA Soul that suits your style and personality.

The KIA Soul’s LED daytime running lamps and stylish headlights make it a head-turner, with a spacious interior which provides a comfortable and roomy passenger experience.


The KIA Soul has a very stylish interior that has a lot of features available including air conditioning and all round electric windows which will help functionality for everyone. The Soul 'Maxx' has heated front seats and leather interior which makes the car even more comfortable.

Ideal for long journeys, the KIA Soul’s boot can be extended by folding down the rear seats to allow plenty of storage space for that family day out or weekend away.

New Kia Soul Exterior, Red, Rear View


With its funky styling and sporty drive, it’s easy to think that the KIA Soul is all about appearance, but with a comprehensive range of technological features the KIA Soul provides a lot more. Inside the KIA Soul you’ll find everything you need for a smooth and comfortable journey including air conditioning, Bluetooth, an iPod connection, a six-speaker stereo, powered windows and remote locking. With the maximum EuroNCAP five-star safety rating, the KIA Soul is among the safest of family cars, meaning you can enjoy the new spirit of adventure in your drive with full peace of mind.


BasicVAT (20%)RetailVEDFRFDeliveryOTR £
'1' 1.6 GDi 130bhp 6-speed manual15210£11,300£2,260.00£13,560£515£55£595£14,725
'2' 1.6 GDi 130bhp 6-speed manual15211£13,629.17£2,719.17£16,315£515£55£595£17,480
'2' 1.6 CRDi 134bhp 6-speed manual12711£15,083.33£3,016.67£18,100£205£55£595£18,955
'2' 1.6 CRDi 134bhp 7-speed auto DCT13011£16,366.67£3,266.67£19,600£205£55£595£20,455
'3' 1.6 CRDi 134bhp 6-speed manual12711£17,083.33£3,416.67£20,500£205£55£595£21,355
'3' 1.6 CRDi 134bhp 7-speed auto DCT13011£18,366.67£3,666.67£22,000£205£55£595£22,855
'Sport' 1.6 T-GDi 201bhp 7-speed auto DCT15621£19,012.50£3,802.50£22,815£515£55£595£23,980

Paint and Servicing

Paint and ServicingRetail
Premium Paint£530
Optional Two-tone Paint (including premium paint where appropriate)£795


A six-speed manual gearbox and 138bhp direct-injection petrol gives the KIA Soul a lively feel underfoot, perfect for putting the sport back into your drive. Capable of a top speed of 110mph and with acceleration of 0-60mph in 10.7 seconds, the KIA Soul has the capability of a sports car combined with the comfort and stability of a family car. Strong body control and a sharp turn into corners gives the KIA Soul the ideal capability for adapting to changing driving environments, whether traffic-clogged city streets or open country roads.

New Kia Soul Exterior, Red