Choosing the right Kia Motability vehicle

Picking up your Kia Motability vehicle is an exciting time, and to make sure you fully enjoy it, you will need to think carefully before choosing which car to lease. Read on for the factors you should consider.  ​

Budget and running costs

Many of the Kia cars available from Westover can be leased for no more than your weekly mobility allowance. You should therefore find out the amount you receive and decide how much you want to spend on a lease. Costs such as road tax, insurance and servicing are all included with your lease payment, so you only need to budget for fuel on top of this. All Kia cars are fitted with economical engines, but look to its diesel-powered models for the highest efficiency and lowest fuel costs.

Your lifestyle

As your main mode of transport, it is important to make sure the Kia you pick has everything you need for everyday life. The Sorento, Sportage and Carens are all excellent family vehicles as they have ample space for passengers and luggage. Like the cee’d Sportswagon, they will also easily hold a wheelchair in the boot. If you normally drive around town and don’t need maximum space for passengers, the compact Picanto or Rio should satisfy. 

Model suitability

In some situations you may need to request adaptations to your vehicle so you can drive safely and move in and out of it easily. It may not be possible to make certain adaptations to some Kia cars, so you should find out what changes will be needed before you apply. You should also look out for convenience features such as steering wheel adjustment, cabin storage and wide door openings while doing your research.

As a Motability Scheme user, you can shop from a wide selection of Motability cars at Westover Kia and count on the guidance of our team as you pick the ideal model. Call us in Salisbury or Ferndown for advice or enquire online to arrange a showroom visit.

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