Jaguar F-TYPE Coupé

Jaguar F-TYPE Coupé

New Jaguar F-Type Coupé

Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire

The F-Type offers 5 very distinctive models

  • F TYPE:
  • F-TYPE R-Dynamic:
  • F-TYPE 400 Sport:
  • F-TYPE R:

Orange F-TYPE
White F-TYPE
Green F-TYPE
Black F-TYPE


In the cockpit of the F-Type, the instruments are clear, simple and easy to find. The 3 spoke steering wheel features key functions for ease of control and access. Paddles are mounted behind the steering wheel, allowing you to make quick changes without taking your hands off the wheel.

The Coupe features a 407 Litre boot, enough to fit 2 sets of golf clubs or a full set of luggage.


Aerodynamic performance is integrated into the body and manages the airflow to travel along the F-types underside. To increase down force a deployable rear spoiler rises at higher speeds. The F-types sport exhaust delivers a deep note from start up, with the sound of a super car. As the revs build a crescendo occurs. Because the centre of gravity is as low as possible, the F-type Coupe has exceptional handling and physics.

The Roof:

There are 3 different types of roof options for the F-Type Coupe:

The aluminium roof gives the car a pure look and complements any factory colour that you have choose for your F-Type. It is also strong and lightweight just like the rest of the vehicle.

The panoramic glass roof gives you more natural light. A manually activated 'Black Out' blind is fitted for when you want a bit of privacy.

The carbon fibre roof is 20% lighter than the standard roof and the outer and inner panels are all made from this extremely strong and lightweight material.

Overhead view of three Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe cars


3.0l 340 V6 Manual3.0l 340 V6 Auto3.0l 380 V6 S Manual3.0l 380 V6 S Auto
BHP 340 bhp 340 bhp 380 bhp 380 bhp
Combined MPG 28.8 mpg 33.6 mpg 28.8 mpg 32.9 mpg
CO2 Emissions 234 g/km 199 g/km 234 g/km 203 g/km
Fuel Tank Capacity 70 Litres 70 Litres 70 Litres 70 Litres
0-60 MPH 5.5 Seconds 5.1 Seconds 5.3 Seconds 4.8 Seconds
3.0l 380 V6 S AWD Auto 5.0l 550 V8 R Auto 5.0l 550 V8 R AWD Auto
BHP 380 bhp 550 bhp 550 bhp
Combined MPG 31.7 mpg 26.4 mpg 25.0 mpg
CO2 Emissions211 g/km 255 g/km 269 g/km
Fuel Tank Capacity 70 Litres 70 Litres 70 Litres
0-60 MPH 4.9 Seconds 4.0 Seconds 3.9 Seconds