Jaguar Business User Deals

Westover Group are proud to represent Jaguar in Christchurch. Take a look at our competitive Business Offers from Westover Jaguar and discover your next executive luxury car. The Jaguar XE is instantly recognisable as a Jaguar, the Jaguar XF improves on Jaguar's most award-winning car ever, the XJ is pinnacle of luxury in the Jaguar brand and the F-PACE is the 4x4 star that offers performance and practicality. The E-PACE is gives you the practicality of the F-PACE but adds in some city street-smart, while being slightly smaller and getting you into those tricky parking opportunities. The F-TYPE is the sportscar for the manager/director that enjoys driving in style and with the selection of 2.0 litre to 5.0 litre engines available, you should never miss a meeting again! The new Jaguar I-PACE is taking media by storm, the all-electric drivetrain and futuristic looks will cut those petrol/diesel costs to £0.