Free Hyundai Vehicle Health Check

A vehicle health check from Westover Hyundai will spot any damaged or worn components that could cause the efficiency, cleanliness or general performance of your model to suffer. And best of all, we offer the service for free.

The Westover Hyundai Health Check will look at the following list of components:

  • Engine noise / emissions
  • Driveshaft
  • Clutch
  • Alternator belt / battery condition
  • Exhaust system / catalyst
  • Transmission operation
  • Bearing / hubs
  • Tyre tread
  • Tyre pressure
  • Callipers / wheel cylinders
  • Steering / suspension
  • Hoses / pipes / cables
  • Master cylinder / servo
  • Mirror / door locks
  • Washers / wipers
  • Mandatory lights
  • Horn
  • Engine oil / anti-freeze levels
  • Water/ oil / fluid / leaks
  • Fluid levels

Our expert technicians will grade them with the colour green, amber or red. ‘Green’ parts don’t need any more attention, ‘amber’ components should be assessed again at a set date, and ‘red’ items should be replaced or repaired immediately.

You can leave your Hyundai with us if parts do need to be replaced, and we will always fit genuine Hyundai items made specifically for your model. Call or enquire online with our Salisbury or Poole locations today to arrange a health check from your local dealership. 

Green tick indicates the item doesn't need any immediate attention.

Amber symbol describes an item that will require an inspection or replacement by the estimated time indicated.

Red symbol means this item will require immediate attention.