​Hyundai Motability Adaptations 

If you are a Hyundai Motability Scheme user, having adaptations fitted to your vehicle can improve the driving experience and make it easier to stow a wheelchair or scooter. There are also modifications available to help you get in and out of the seat. Our dedicated Motability advisers make it easy to decide which modifications you need, and we can also arrange for these to be carried out stress-free.

Driving adaptations can enable you to drive yourself if you are unable to drive an unmodified car, or they can just make driving easier and more comfortable. Hand controls, pedal modifications and steering aids are all very common driving adaptations that we can arrange for your car to have.

Stowage adaptations are essential if you use a wheelchair or scooter, as they create more space in your car and can lift the wheelchair or scooter at the touch of a button.

Access adaptations make it easier for you to get in and out of your seat from a wheelchair. These include swivel seats, electric hoists, and transfer plates which create a smooth surface between your wheelchair and the seat.

To help you decide which adaptations you need, our Motability specialists provide clear, impartial advice. We can also recommend which models are best suited to the adaptations you need. All adaptations can be carried out before your lease starts or fitted during your lease. Get in touch with Westover Hyundai in Salisbury and Poole to speak to an adviser and find out more.

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