Mobil 1 - Alfa Romeo, Dorset

Increased Fuel Consumption:

The artificial oil used in Mobil 1 gets to work quicker, allowing your engine to reach peak operating efficiency sooner. Mineral oils are thicker, therefore slowly making your engine thirstier and less efficient. You could save up to £170 on Fuel per Year if you switch to Mobil 1*.

Protect Your Engine:

The Mobil 1 formula has been designed to look after all modern engines and are therefore more fluid that traditional oils. When you start your engine standard oils can take some time to circulate around the engine, thus allowing friction to occur and can cause expensive wear. With Mobil 1, it gets to work straight away, protecting every part in the engine from wear.

Friendlier To The Environment:

The problems with conventional mineral oils are all the layers which include unstable hydrocarbons and sulphur affect are forced into the atmosphere. Mobil 1 works hard to reduce as much of these impurities as possible to keep your engine clean and the environment that little cleaner as well.

Mobil 1, Westover Alfa Romeo