Choosing the right Alfa Romeo Motability vehicle

Alfa Romeo’s sporty models make them an exciting choice for Motability Scheme users. If you are considering taking home one of the Italian manufacturer’s cars through the Scheme, take a look at the information below to help you make your choice.

Price, running costs and mobility allowance

The Scheme works by using your mobility allowance to fund a lease plan for a brand new Alfa Romeo car. It is therefore important to make sure the model you are interested in won’t cost more per week than the allowance you receive. Equally important is its running costs. You will not pay for road tax, insurance, servicing and replacement tyres, but you will pay for fuel. You should therefore do your research and find out which models are the most economical if you want to keep overall costs as low as possible.


Think about your lifestyle and what you will use your car for before making a final decision. If you need a vehicle for the school run, the Giulia saloon or the Giulietta are a better choice than the two-seater 4C. If only you and your spouse travel together on the road, the small MiTo hatchback could be the perfect choice. 

Adaptations and vehicle features

Other crucial factors to think about are the modifications that will need to be made and the other helpful vehicle features you should look out for. The three types of adaptations are driving, stowage and access, but it won’t be possible to make some adaptations to certain cars. You should speak to one of our Motability specialists about your disability, the right adaptations and which models they suit.

Make an enquiry with Westover Alfa Romeo for help choosing the correct Alfa Romeo vehicle and anything else related to the Scheme.

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