Alfa Romeo Motability Adaptations

It is straightforward to adapt your brand new Alfa Romeo to suit your exact needs. If you are leasing a car through the Motability Scheme you can take advantage of a wide range of modifications. Our specialist Motability advisers across Dorset can help you decide if you need any adaptations, and recommend which Alfa Romeo models are most appropriate for the changes that you need.

If you need access adaptations to get in and out of your Alfa Romeo car more easily, we can fit swivel seats or transfer plates that ease the transition from your wheelchair to the car seat. Your car can also be adapted to carry your wheelchair, and electric hoist systems can do all the heavy lifting while you guide it with the touch of a button.

Driving adaptations can make it easier for you to operate your vehicle and enhance your driving experience to make it more comfortable. Electronic accelerators and pedal modifications are simple to fit, and we can also arrange for you to have features such as a steering aid or hand controls.

These changes can be made when you order your car, and if your needs change later on then you can specify further adaptations partway through the lease. Enquire now to arrange a meeting with a Motability adviser and find out more about Alfa Romeo motability adaptations.

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