Abarth Wins Rising Star Award

It may have a Scorpion on its badge, but it's not very likely to sting…

Indeed, if you own an Abarth then chances are you're among the happiest drivers in the UK – that's according to independent review site

Owners of the Italian sporting brand's cars, with its range of 500-based performance models, were among the most satisfied in the UK, earning Abarth the title of 'Rising Star of the Year 2014' in the National Car Awards 2014.

The awards, which are judged in various categories such as excitement, comfort, driver fun and running costs, are based on average scores given by more than 650,000 real-life car owners, who independently enter reviews on the site. Abarth saw a huge leap in its ratings in the 2014 awards, as well as coming top overall in the 'Exciting to Drive' category.

A spokesman for, which holds more independent vehicle reviews than any other site, said: "The Abarth range is clearly aimed at enthusiasts and, from the reviews we've seen on our site, the latest model range has certainly hit the spot.

"It's great to see a car brand that is aimed so squarely at people who love cars achieving what they set out to achieve, and that's one of the main reasons we're proud to call Abarth our Rising Star in 2014."

Abarth side view

Sue Baker,'s editor-in-chief, added: "Abarth builds a great range of small cars that are fantastic to drive – and that's evident in the owner satisfaction scores that the models achieve.

"These are reviews from genuine owners with long-term experience of their cars, so the opinions are real life ones not just those of road testers."

But it's the voice of the owners that makes the awards unique, and here are just three of the many great quotes levelled at the Italian performance brand:

"Quite easily one of the best cars I've owned or driven – superb, cheeky fun without being overpowered or outrageously fast."
"I adore this little car, it always puts a smile on my face even just looking at it."

"I just love it. It puts a smile on my face after a rubbish day at work and when big cars get caught out!"

The National Car Awards, announced today, have the biggest judging panel of any car awards programme thanks to more than 650,000 independent reviews. The site is a one-stop resource for car buyers, sellers, owners and enthusiasts, with more real life car data and owner information than any other review site in the UK.

The Awards merit close attention by anyone contemplating buying a car – be it new or second-hand – as well as by those in the motor industry. On a uniquely significant scale, this is the voice of the motoring public speaking out about the cars they have bought and what their experience of them has been.