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New Renault Scenic Range in Salisbury & Poole

Hard-wearing and robust, innovation is in its genes. Step inside and discover the world of the Renault Scenic, it's over to you to discover a new way of driving; a new attitude to life.

Explore the Scenic below and find out about the offers available, then arrange a test drive at our Poole or Salisbury dealership.


With expressive design, a range of efficient yet powerful engines and innovative technology, the New Scénic turns heads while it takes care of you and your family. With LED daytime running lights for a modern look to the car and electric door mirrors there is everything to look stylish on the road.


There are a lot of features available within the Renault Scenic including Bluetooth, USB and AUX input to be able to listen to your own music and to connect to your smart phones. With the TFT dashboard displays the correct information for you whilst driving and you can personalise the colour to what you would like.


Take a seat behind the wheel of the new Renault Scenic and take control of the road with a simple touch of the Grip X-Tend Advanced Traction Control button. Navigate around the Renault R-Link Multimedia System using Touch-Screen Technology, Joystick Control or Voice Commands and be astonished by the Bose Efficient Sound System, as close to live sound quality as you can get.


The Renault Scenic range offers maximum driving pleasure; with their ground-breaking technology, energy engines combine a sensational experience with fuel economy and a limited impact on the environment. With 4 new engines to choose from you have one that will be suited to you. The engines include Engine TCe 130, Engine TCe 115, Engine DCi 130 and Engine DCi 110. The EDC automatic gear box is available which allows you to enjoy the comfort of the ride but have the power of the manual gearbox. The six speed automatic dual-clutch gear box boast fuel economy and CO2 emissions that are comparable to those of a manual.


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