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Renault Pro+ at Westover Renault 

Renault Pro+ is an exciting programme that allows you to have everything in one place. The Renault Pro+ programme is built up of 3 main points: 

1. The expertise of your adviser who has extensive knowledge and understanding of your trade. Our employees are trained with your professional needs in mind and an extensive knowledge of commercial vehicles and fleet business to suit your everyday working needs. 

2. A ‘One Stop Shop’ where all your service needs are in one place. Everyone needs to save some time that’s why Renault have all its services in one place including providing new and used vehicles, aftersales, finance, service and maintenance all tailored for you. 

3. The business customers promise. Renault will optimise the deals that is right for you and your business and guarantee the continuity of your day. Renault Pro+ offers you:

  • Specialist commercial vehicle sales and after sales advisors.
  • A comprehensive display of cars and commercial products, including converted vehicles.
  • A large choice of cars and commercial vehicle available for test drives.
  • A personalised finance proposal in under 48 hours.
  • Extended Service hours for business users.
  • A detailed invoice and an estimation of work time for all repair work.
  • A courtesy vehicle, most applicable to your needs.
  • Maintenance and repair work for vehicles up to 7 tonnes in weight.
  • Within the hour diagnostics.
  • A maximum 48 hours lead time for service and repair.