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Complimentary Vehicle Health Check at Westover Peugeot

The best way to ensure that your vehicle is operating at its best (and in the most cost-efficient manner possible) is to ensure that key maintenance items are inspected and changed according to your manufacturer service schedule.
Between these services it's also important to carry out regular vehicle health checks to ensure that wear and tear items are maintained and your vehicle stays in top condition. To help you ensure that key areas of your vehicle are performing as they should be, our Peugeot-trained technicians are on hand to perform a complimentary Vehicle Health Check giving you the peace of mind that your car is looking and performing at it's best.

What the Westover Peugeot Health Check Covers:

  • Tyre Tread
  • Bearing/ Hubs
  • Tyre Pressure
  • Fluid Levels
  • Clutch Operation
  • Exhaust System/ Catalyst
  • Water/ Oil/ Fluid/ Leaks
  • Engine Noise/ Smoke
  • Steering/ Suspension
  • Transmission Operation
  • Driveshaft's
  • Mirror/ Door Locks
  • Callipers/ Wheel Cylinders
  • Hoses/ Pipes/ Cables
  • Alternator Belt/ Battery Condition
  • Mandatory Lights
  • Washers/ Wipers
  • Horn Functionality
  • Engine Oil/ Anti-Freeze Levels
  • Master Cylinder /Servo

During your complimentary Vehicle Health Check your cars various components will be rated Red, Amber or Green depending on the condition of the part:

Green tick indicates the item doesn't need any immediate attention.

Amber symbol describes an item that will require an inspection or replacement by the estimated time indicated.

Red symbol means this item will require immediate attention.

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