Peugeot AdBlue

From Westover Peugeot Poole and Salisbury

What is AdBlue? 

AdBlue is added to Peugeots new BlueHDi diesel engines to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions and help protect the environment. Without affecting performance of the driving experience and the engines the Peugeot BlueHDi technology works by reducing the nitrogen oxide produced by our diesel engines. The Peugeot engines use a fluid called AdBlue which the water and urea-based solution creates a chemical reaction which significantly reduces nitrogen oxide emissions. 

What do you need to do

The AdBlue section of the engine has to be refilled when needed to make the engine work correctly. A light on the dashboard will tell the driver when the AdBlue needs to be refilled which is normally around 12,500 miles. This can normally be done in the annual service but if the warning light does come on make an appointment as soon as you can and the car will indicate how many miles you have left. If you need a top up before your annual service Westover Peugeot will top up with 10 litres of AdBlue for £9.99 fixed price. 

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