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Peugeot Motability adaptations in Salisbury and Poole

When you are choosing a Peugeot Motability vehicle, it is worth considering what adaptations – if any – you are going to need to make your driving experience easy and comfortable. When you know which modifications you require, our expert Motability advisers can suggest which Peugeot models are best suited to you.

Driving adaptations make it possible for many Motability customers to operate their own car, and there are many modifications available to enhance your driving experience. From hand controls, pedal modifications and steering aids to remote control devices, there are plenty of options to choose from.

If you use a wheelchair or scooter and need extra space to carry it in your car, we can fit a roof box to your vehicle. There are also electric hoists which you can use at the touch of a button to do all the loading and unloading.

To get yourself in and out of the car, we can fit access adaptations such as swivel seats and transfer plates, which provide a smooth surface between your wheelchair and the car seat.

To find out more about the Peugeot Motability adaptions we offer and get the advice of a Motability specialist, please get in touch with Westover Peugeot in Poole or Salisbury.

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