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How to check and top up your Nissan's oil level?

Keeping your Nissan's oil level correctly topped-up means that your engine will last longer and run smoother. It's advisable to check your oil level regularly. Here's our guide to checking.

You'll need:

A clean ragThe correct motor oil for your NissanA clean funnel

1. Turn off your Nissan's engine

Park your Nissan on a level surface, turn the engine off and let the engine oil cool for at least five minutes.

2. Locate your Nissan's dipstick

Open your Nissan's bonnet and find the dipstick – it is usually brightly coloured and easy to find. When you've found it, take hold of your cloth and pull the dipstick out of its tube.

3. Clean your Nissan's dipstick

Use a cloth to wipe the oil from your Nissan's dipstick, taking note of the marks that represent the maximum and minimum oil levels.

4. Check your Nissan's oil level

Slowly push your Nissan's dipstick back into its tube and pull it out again. The oil level should be between the maximum and minimum oil level marks. If the level is closer to the minimum mark than the maximum mark, its worth topping up with some oil.

5. Top-up your Nissan's oil level

Put your Nissan's dipstick back into its tube. Remove the oil filler cap (check your Nissan Owner's Handbook if you're unsure where it is). Slowly pour oil in using the funnel. Give the oil time to drain into the engine, then re-check the oil level. Overfilling can cause leaks so take your time and top-up in small amounts.

If you have any questions our Service Advisors will happily advise you.