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GT-R34 Joined 2017 GT-R at Westover Nissan Preview Event

Visitors to Westover Nissan's GT-R preview event on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th May were treated to an exciting last minute addition to the line up.

Over the gloriously sunny weekend, the 2017 model Nissan GT-R (one of just two in Europe) visited Westover Nissan ahead of its September launch.

"The chance to see the new GT-R was an opportunity in itself for our Nissan enthusiasts," says Paul Hughes, General Sales Manager at Westover NIssan. "But we were lucky enough to be able to introduce an extra dimension to our event.

"A local customer and an avid NISMO follower offered his GT-R34 Skyline for the weekend, which took pride of place in our showroom alongside the very latest model. It was a real treat for the team here, as well as for our guests.

"The preview was a great success. Lots of our regulars visited but we also saw a good number of people currently driving other makes of cars and thinking of a change.

"The GT-R gives its competitors a real run for their money - it's a cost effective, high performance car and it now looks and sounds even better than ever!

The R34 or Skyline was first released in January 1999 and was produced until February 2002, so it's the forerunner to the current GT-R. The R34 that visited Westover Nissan's showroom is in pristine condition and has been in the care of Westover Nissan whilst with its current owner.

For more information about the 2017 model, please contact Westover Nissan's GT-R specialist, Gerard Reidy.