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Godolphin School Sparks Charity Donations with Westover Nissan Electric Car

Sallyann Tanner from Westover Nissan has presented Godolphin School in Salisbury with three £100 cheques, following a joint fundraising initiative. The cheques are destined for the nominated annual charities of the three Godolphin Houses – Douglas, Hamilton and Methuen.

The Alzheimer’s Society (the care and research charity for people with Alzheimers and other forms of dementia) is the chosen charity of Douglas; Exeter House (which educates children with severe and profound learning difficulties) is Hamilton’s 2017 charity; and BLESMA (a military charity for limbless veterans) is Methuen’s.

The money was raised during Environmental Week - a whole school initiative set up by ‘The Green Group’, the school’s environmental club. One of the topics focused on during the week was green transport and a Nissan LEAF from Westover Nissan in Salisbury was on hand to help bring the sessions to life. Sallyann Tanner, Westover Nissan’s Electric Vehicle Specialist, introduced students and staff to the technical side of the LEAF, explaining how an electric car works and talking about future advances in battery technology.

She also took teachers and sixth formers with driving licenses for a test drive, allowing them to experience motoring’s ‘silent revolution’ first hand.

Westover Nissan made a charitable donation as a result of the information session which generated numerous test drives and three sales, with the funds split equally between the charities.

Representatives of The Green Group and of Douglas, Hamilton and Methuen were on hand to accept the charity donations on behalf of Goldophin’s 430 students.

Martha Wilmot-Sitwell, Head of the Green Group and one of the road-testers, commented on the quietness of the LEAF, whilst Deputy Headmaster, Mr Richard Dain, added: “We were amazed by the acceleration: the LEAF may be silent but it’s certainly not lacking in power! Two of our staff have bought LEAFs following Sallyann’s visit, as has one of our parents and they’ve been impressed by the car’s design and feel, as well as by how easy it is to charge. Our thanks go to Sallyann and Westover Nissan for helping us to bring this topic to life for our learners.”

The Nissan LEAF was the UK’s first fully-electric, family sized vehicle and its 30kWh battery now offers up to 155 miles on a full charge. Driving costs clock in at around 85 per cent less than for petrol or diesel cars and maintenance is around 75 per cent cheaper. It fast charges to 80 per cent capacity in just 30 minutes and has a top speed of 90mph and a 0-62mph time of just 11.5 seconds.