Living with Leaf - Day Three, Wednesday 4th February

It is icy again this morning when I leave home at 8am. I am seriously impressed with how quickly the windscreen clears - ice-free in the time it takes me to reverse into the lane, close the gates and get back into the car. Normally I'd be waiting in an agitated manner, wipers on full pelt and half an eye on the clock. With no engine to heat, there's no delay.

Proving it's not only a car for urbanites, the Leaf takes the icy lanes in its stride, not a hint of slippage (even along a narrow, steep and little-used route).

I notice two or three drivers wearing gloves on the narrow lanes that make up the first few miles of my journey. Clearly they don't have heated steering wheels like me!

Back to Westover Nissan for the first meeting of the morning, where I plug back into the fast charger - just to be on the safe side. Then over to West Hants Tennis Club (where they have a Leaf of their own and a charging point too), followed by a quick (and very cheap) stop at the petrol station - only to grab an M&S sandwich, no need to go anywhere near the pumps - then back to my desk to work.

A straight stretch of road on the way home and temperatures comfortably above freezing allow me to test out the alleged 0-60mph speed of just seven seconds. A speed-queen I'm not and I don't achieve it in that time but the Leaf is no slouch and I certainly feel there's plenty of power to overtake slower vehicles or to pull away quickly from junctions. This is not a milk float!

I'm very at ease with the Leaf now. I've yet to experience even the smallest pang of range anxiety, perhaps because I've known my routes and my anticipated mileages so far. My preconception was that this is a car for city use but I'm discovering that's not the case. It feels rock solid on the road and even though I've got every single heater in the car on the go (cabin temperature set to a tropical 30 degrees) it's holding its charge better than anticipated.

Total mileage today: 71.