Living with Leaf - Day Six - Saturday 7th February

We go to Bath today - 40 miles each way - and I'm confident that the Leaf can get us there and back with just a quick power boost while we watch the rugby. I look online and see there are charging points at two of the city's park and ride sites and also in one of the city centre car parks. Bath lose at the last minute to the Ospreys so the mood in the car on the way home is rather subdued.

Nick (husband) finally has an opportunity to sit in the Leaf during daylight hours and he's impressed with what he finds. He has a drive and especially likes the smooth acceleration and the constant power, as well as the forward and reverse hill start function, which holds the car momentarily on a slope. He thinks the technology is cleverly thought through and purposeful.

The Leaf looks in need of a clean after its week in the country but it's got one last rural journey to do before we head into Salisbury tomorrow and return it to the showroom.

We go to friends in the next village for supper. There's a sharp intake of breath when they discover we have an electric car ... everyone is interested and it generates plenty of discussion. There are many questions and they accuse me of being a petrol head when I share my new-found enthusiasm for the Leaf!

Total mileage: around 82 miles.