Scrappage Schemes Make New Cars More Affordable

Nine brands within the Westover Group have introduced scrappage schemes. The schemes are designed to encourage motorists to switch from older cars to newer ones with cleaner engines that generate less pollution.

The move brings discounts of up to £5,300 on a new car, depending upon the make and model chosen, and up to £7,000 on commercial vehicles. The scrappage saving applies to a massive range of vehicles, including small city cars, family vehicles, 4x4s and vans, making buying new much more affordable.

The Westover brands participating include Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Hyundai, Jeep, KIA, Renault, SKODA and Toyota.

In most cases, the car to be scrapped can have either a diesel or petrol engine but must be registered prior to 31st December 2009 (making it a minimum of seven years old with a 59 registration plate or earlier) and must have been owned for a minimum of 90 days (although some manufacturers specify longer).

There’s a separate but equally appealing scheme running at Westover Nissan until the end of September. ‘Nissan Switch’ allows new car buyers to part exchange any car or van (it doesn’t need to be a Nissan) registered before January 2010 against a new Nissan and save up to £5,000 in the process. The offer sees motorists receive up to £2,000 ‘Switch Allowance’, plus the full part-exchange value of their old car. Anyone buying with the help of a Nissan finance product, is also eligible for a finance deposit contribution of up to £3,000.

“The schemes do vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but essentially they’re all offering big incentives to switch motorists out of older, high emission cars (with Euro 1 to Euro 4 rated engines) in order to help improve UK air quality,” says Paul Dillon, Westover Group’s Joint Managing Director.

“It means new cars are suddenly much more affordable and therefore it’s a great time to buy. The average scrappage saving clocks in at around £2,000 but some reach £5,000 and more.

“Anyone interested should check our website or contact our showrooms for more details. Just bear in mind that you may need to act quickly – some manufacturers stipulate that new cars need to be ordered by the end of September to qualify for these reductions.”

Specific details for each scrappage scheme can be found by going to and clicking on the relevant brand.