Local Beach Hut Boss, Pete Samson, Puts Lexus Through its Paces

Pete Samson from local company, Ecologic Developments – creator of beautifully hand-crafted beach huts and beach houses – recently put the new Lexus RC and RX through their paces. As a fan of electric motoring (the company owns a fully electric van, a Nissan e-NV200) and with a keen eye on the environmental benefits and cost savings it brings, Pete was interested to see how hybrid cars stacked up.

Ecologic Developments create bespoke timber-framed beach huts. Each beach hut is unique, developed as a result of collaborative design with individuals, businesses and local authorities. The company specialises in modern, innovative design and delivers a level of attention to detail that’s second to none. 

Pete borrowed the RC (a stunning two door sports coupe) and the RX (a premium SUV) for a week, using the vehicles for his everyday work and home life. Here’s what he thought, starting with his initial encounter with Andrew Mathis, General Sales Manager at Lexus Poole (part of the Westover Group).

“First impressions were good. I was made to feel incredibly welcome by Andrew and we had a great chat. People like him are a huge asset to the business. The boutique showroom was spotless with a welcoming and personal feel and it set the scene perfectly for my week of indulgent and luxurious motoring. 

“I started with the RC – the sporty one! It was very easy on the eye, definitely a looker. I went to London whilst I had the RC to judge the annual Beach Hut of the Year competition with TV presenter, Phil Spencer (amongst others), so I used the opportunity to take it for a proper spin. It didn’t disappoint, delivering nice performance when I wanted it to and I arrived feeling fresh on a hot, sticky day (in part due to the brilliant cooling seats). I was amazed at how little fuel I’d used.

“Next up was the RX, a truly incredible piece of engineering! I couldn’t fault the build quality – every last detail has clearly had a lot of time spent on it, even down to the volume knob on the stereo. 

“From the outside it’s a serious looking car with a no-nonsense front end. Get in and there’s a luxurious feel to the interior and a well-considered dash layout. I liked the extra touches too, such as the way the boot automatically opens and closes (really helpful when you have your hands full) and the door handles light up at night. 

The driving position is nice and high and I didn’t get any of that un-nerving lean that you often get when cornering in a vehicle of this size. It felt very safe to drive and I thought the cruise control was a dream, especially when it braked automatically for me.

“I couldn’t believe how smooth and quiet the RX is considering its size, plus it’s surprisingly quick too.

“I liked the individuality of both cars – it’s refreshing to be in something a bit different from every other car on the road.

“During the week, it occurred to me that Lexus and Ecologic Developments share a thing or two in common, albeit our businesses are rather different sizes. I guess we start from the same place of trying to fit a lot of equipment into a small space, whilst aiming to leave as much room as possible (for bodies and luggage in the case of Lexus; for water sports equipment, cooking, eating and sleeping in mine). We’re both delivering a premium product that’s carefully thought out and uses specifically sourced, high quality materials and our customers are discerning but have a healthy smattering of individuality too.

“All in all, a great experience and I enjoyed the hybrid engines. They were more fuel efficient than I expected and I didn’t notice any compromise in performance.”

To find out more about Ecologic Developments, please go to ecologicdevelopments.co.uk.