All-New Discovery SVX:

For customers who thrive to find the ultimate off-roading performance, the Discovery SVX offers Land Rover’s unmatched reputation of both design and engineering. Built with aluminium under body protection and increased ground clearance, always be prepared for an adventure as you are ensured that this vehicle can pass through whatever type of terrain you put it through.


Strong and bold exterior design featuring the unique front bumper and 20” forged alloy wheels and 815mm rolling radius tyres for increased off-road capability. The Discovery SVX comes with a branded Activity Key wristband, which you can wear instead of carrying your key fob. This can be used to lock and unlock your vehicle.


The pistol shifter enables quick and efficient forward and reverse engagements all within a simple touch. 10” HD Touchscreen display for an engaging visual and audio experience while the seating offers the combination of both space and durability, ideal for active families.


0-60mph in secs
Max Speed mphTorque Nm
5.0 Litre V8 Supercharged Engine 5.3 100 625

The Discovery SVX features a rare 5.0 litre V8 Supercharged engine, which produces 525hp and 625Nm. This has been paired with an 8-speed Quickshift Automatic Transmission designed to provide immense all-terrain driving for any thrill seeker.