Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations

Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations:

At Westover Land Rover Christchurch and Salisbury

Jaguar Land Rover has officially announced a division that will only focus on bespoke commissions and high performance versions of existing models, called the Special Operations Division. This division is run by the former brand director John Edwards. The SVO badge will appear on only the most extreme versions of Land Rover models and starts off with the Range Rover Sport SVR and the latest being the Discovery SVX. A full SVO paint palette allows for greater individuality and hand finished by a professionally trained team, and for the first time there is the option to choose a 'duo tone finish'. The skills and attention to detail are vital, that is why the SVO team still use chinagraph pencils and crosshatch knives to make sure the clients vision is perfectly shown.

Learn more about a model by clicking below and discover how you can create your perfect Land Rover thanks to SVO (Special Vehicle Operations).