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Upgrade to a Mobil 1 Fuel Economy Service for an additional £30.00 inclusive of VAT on your Annual Hyundai service

What Oil is Best for your Hyundai?

What are synthetics?

Synthetic lubricant is a man made oil that have a controlled molecule set up. Unlike mineral oils, Synthetic oils prove more protection and performance which will help the engine to run longer.

What do Synthetic oils do?

The Synthetic oil is responsible for protection against corrosion, built up dirt and wear. The lubricant can cope better with the high temperatures of the engine rather than mineral oils.

Why choose Mobil 1 Synthetic Oils?

Mobil 1 Synthetic oil is robust which means increased economy, less wear and longer engine wear. As modern engines have extreme conditions the Synthetic oil is designed to cope with it. When the engine starts the Synthetic oil is able to freely flow around the engine unlike mineral oils.

Benefits of using synthetic oils

• Increase fuel economy
• Increase engine life
• Helps to clean the engine
• Protects engine
• Reduces friction
• Faster lubrication at start up in low temperatures
• Reduces sludge build up
• Improves protection at low and high temperatures 2 out of 3 customers saved fuel with Mobil 1.

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