Choosing the right car

Your first consideration is to ensure that you are eligible for a Motability car, Westover has divided this simple guide into key areas to help you focus your search for the perfect car:


There are over 300 cars available at no more than the cost of your weekly allowance. We call this ‘nil’ advance payment (AP). We also offer a wide range of Motability offers designed to make your motoring more affordable.


Seat height, door opening angle and storage space for wheelchairs and equipment can all make the difference between a car that is suitable and a car that is neither enjoyable nor comfortable to drive. And why not consider if additional features or adaptations will make driving easier for you?

Fuel Efficiency

Cars vary significantly in terms of fuel type, engine size, and efficiency, all of which can have a real impact on the cost of running your car. Speak with our dedicated Motability Specialists to find a car that suits both your lifestyle and your budget.


Think about your lifestyle, what journeys you regularly make and how you currently get around. If it’s your first time selecting a new car as a disabled motorist, our Motability Specialists are on hand to offer advice on potentially suitable cars and adaptations.

Greener Choices

The environmental impact of your motoring depends on the size of your car and its engine, as well as the amount of driving you do and the way you drive. Certain makes and models can be both cheaper and more environmentally friendly to run.

Test Drive

Now you have assessed your driving needs and the available car options, it’s time to visit Westover Group, take those all important test drives and decide which of our cars meet your criteria.