Abarth Accessories:

Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire

Abarth 500 & 500C Competizione Pack

Abarth 500 & 500C Competizione Pack:

All racing parts are made from satinised aluminium, making sure they are as light as possible. This set consists of pedal units, Abarth Shield, gear lever knob and stick. Please note the Footrest plate is only available for LHD versions.

Abarth Additives:

Additives are available for the radiator, engine oil, for high-performance diesel and petrol; additives for maintenance, such as the cleaner for petrol and diesel engines; specific products for every surface of the car: windows, dashboard, paintwork, tyres, rims.

Abarth Additives
TomTom 2 Abarth Live

TomTom 2 Abarth Live:

Compatible with the 500 and the punto, this Blue&Me Tom Tom 2 Navigator has an Abarth personalised cover with the DNA and characteristics to suit the car and giving a safer, more comfortable and fun driving experience

Personalised Key Covers:

Kit with two Abarth key covers, in “race kit" and “speed kit" versions, with Abarth graphic elements and the scorpion's white/red/black colour combination.

Personalised Key Covers Abarth 595
Vintage Car Cover Cloth Abarth 595

Vintage Car Cover Cloth:

The vintage Abarth 595 car cover cloth pays homage to various Fiat 500 Abarth models produced between 1965 and 1969. Your Abarth is just as feisty when you cover it.